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UNIÓN LEGAL’s team guarantees comprehensive legal advice and defence in the field of Labour Law and Social Security.

Our team of professionals is composed of lawyers and social graduates with extensive experience in Labour and Social Security Law, collective bargaining, pensions and human resources. We cover every aspect of these areas, particularly in the business field, in order to assist our clients to manage the labour relations of our clients according to their needs.

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals analyses labour relations, ranging from labour management to the resolution of conflicts, being involved lawyers, economists and tax advisers, who make possible obtaining global, personalized and highly effective solutions.




  • Employment contracts (ordinary and special relations of senior management).

  • Salary slips.

  • Settlement of social security costs.

  • Collective bargaining and non-ordinary deferrals.

  • Legalization of new companies.

  • Labour costs, compensation and benefits studies.

  • Company labour ‘s audit.

  • Special Social Security schemes: Self-employed, Domestic Service Scheme etc.

  • Transactions before regional and Social Security authorities.

  • Development of policies, strategic plans and organizational models of HR management.

  • Legal consultations on individual and collective matters.

  • Advice and negotiation with Labour Committees.

  • Individual and labour force adjustment plans (“ERE”). Insolvency Proceedings.

  • Procedures before the regional Department of Labour. Labour settlement agreements.

  • Procedures before Labour Inspection entities.

  • Drafting of preliminary claims during administrative stage.

  • Claims of quantity, sanction, professional ranking, mobility, harassment, corporate non-compliance and declaratory  statements.

  • Legal representation before Labour Courts.

  • Appeals before higher courts.

  • Enforcement proceedings. Proceedings before Salary Guarantee Fund “Fogasa”.

  • Records of permanent disability, retirement and other contributory and non-contributory benefits.

  • Claims for medical discharge and leaves of absence, injuries in the workplace and  occupational diseases. Health expenditures.

  • Unemployment benefits and subsidies.

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