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The Firm

We are a multidisciplinary firm of lawyers and economists united by a common philosophy.

Unión Legal was established in 2009 in order to bring together a group of experts with an extensive and recognizable professional background. We offer an efficient integral advisory service to both corporate and individual clients. 


Our goal  is to provide personalized and direct attention  with direct involvement of the senior partners in each case.


Confidentiality, responsibility and independence are an inherent part of our corporate policy.

Trust and confidence

Unión Legal professionals work every day in order to give a reliable meaning to these  words. 

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because trust is earned day by day by providing the highest standards of professionalism to each matter, lawsuit or negotiation.  Every issue will be personally attended by specialists within our firm.


Personal Attention

Our mission is to be your full-service lawyer.

For this reason, every matter will be personally attended by the senior partners of the firm. Should you have to go to trial, the same person who leads your case will be the one who will represent you until the case comes to a resolution.



 Client and lawyer relationship is highly regarded by our law firm.   Your case is our case.



We are living in a rapidly-changing world. Globalization, the Internet, new technologies and intellectual property have transformed people's lives. It is for this reason that we strive to keep information up to date, always one step ahead of our clients’ needs.



We are not a multinational corporation nor do we attempt to be such a one. We are not dependent on anyone else and do not have to abide by any third party’s decisions.

Corporate values


Unión Legal has offices

in Barcelona and Madrid

Our Barcelona office has a team of 8 senior partners and 12 lawyers and economists who offer an integral advisory service in all practice areas.

Pro Bono

We firmly believe

that we have a responsibility

to our community and society

For this reason, we encourage our lawyers to participate in charitable projects and to act as public defenders (legal aid).

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