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UNIÓN LEGAL's professional team has extensive experience in the construction sector. We advise both construction companies and private developers.

UNIÓN LEGAL has actively advised and has taken part in important operations relating to residential buildings, offices, hotels, business premises and entertainment centers. Our wide contacts network and deep knowledge of the sector allows us to offer our clients interesting real estate transactions under very advantageous conditions. Likewise, our firm offers clients who own real estate assets an excellent method of commercializing their assets.

With regard to urban planning, we have extensive experience with licenses and urban development agreements, negotiations with the Administration, drafting and processing of urban planning instruments, advising  Compensation Boards and  providing legal representation with regard to administrative and jurisdictional proceedings.





  • Real estate sale and purchase agreements, land plots, buildings and companies owning real estate assets.

  • Preliminary sale and purchase agreement with a security deposit (earnest money agreements).

  • Housing rental agreements and rental of business premises.

  • Community Estates:  Contractual drafting and advice to the Co-owners as well as to the companies which manage the properties. Legal advice until final completion of constructions works and condominium division.

  • Contract Termination of all types of agreements.

  • Condominium. Setting up and advising owners’ associations.

  • Registration and cancellation of rights in rem in the Property Registry. Verification of registration charges and status of real estate in the Property Registry.

  • Land adjustments and readjustments. Study and analysis of urban planning.

  • Construction Law, Property development agreements, technical and construction contracts.

  • Construction agents’ liability, Liability of Developers and Builders, Liability of project management agents (Architects, Construction Engineers  etc.)

  • Construction defects and property occupancy delivery with lower levels of finished  interiors and exteriors than those described in the building’s specifications report.

  • Promotion, investment and financing of real estate projects.

  • Advice in the process of the development of works and construction, preparation and negotiation of sale and purchase agreements, leasing and hotel management contracts.

  • Acting as an intermediary and providing advice during the different stages of selling and purchasing of property development projects, to institutional or private investors, real estate funds or end users.

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