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UNION LEGAL has a large group of professionals specialized in different proceedings, and jurisdictions: civil, criminal, administrative, labour and constitutional.

Our main objective is focused on defending the interests of our clients before Spanish courts, keeping in mind alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation, out-of-court settlements or arbitration


  • Commercial and contracting litigation.

  • Rental Legal Proceedings.

  • Corporate conflicts.

  • Contractual and non-contractual liability.

  • Agency and distribution contracts.

  • Payment claims.

  • Enforcement of judgments.

  • Commercial executive actions and foreclosures. 

  • Interim measures prior to main claim.

  • Small debt proceedings and actions for debt collection.

  • International proceedings.

  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

  • Medical liability.

  • Inheritance law proceedings.

  • Separations, divorces and annulments.

  • Arbitration and execution of arbitration awards.

  • Mediation in disputes arising from Family Law and / or succession.

  • Procedural measures regarding joint or separate custody, guardianship and child support of children.

  • Judicial division of estates.

  • Criminal proceedings of all kinds.

  • All types of procedures before Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.

  • Judicial proceedings before labour jurisdiction.

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