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UNIÓN LEGAL has an extensive team of professionals, including graduates in economics, law and business with a wide experience in tax, accounting, financial and administrative  matters , which allows us to offer customized solutions for our clients,  taking into consideration the particular needs of each case. We offer the possibility of  agreeing upon a flat fee which would include all professional services in connection with the different areas of practice according to the client’s needs.

Some of the services provided in this field, amongst others, are the following:

  • Studying background and updating the fiscal status of companies.

  • Consultancy services, completion, filing and settlement of tax returns (Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, Non Resident Income Tax, Wealth Tax, quarterly and annual VAT declarations, Personal Income Tax withholdings, Inheritance and Gift Tax, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, Municipal taxes, (Property Tax “IBI”, Tax on Economic Activities “IAE”,  Capital gains , etc.)

  • Settlements of administrative fees and public prices.

  • Appearances and representation before inspection and management services.

  • Recognized as Authorized Agents by the Public Administrations to submit an extensive list of tax returns and settlements by electronic means.

  • Conduct requests from the Public Treasury.

  • Preparing allegations, appeals and economic and administrative complaints.

  • Processing of instalments and deferral of payments, enforced tax collection and  seizures by the Public Treasury.

  • Transcription of official Accounting books in a personalized way attending to the needs and particularities of each company.

  • Sorting and filing accounting documentation.

  • Planning and monitoring of envisaged financial results, thereby advising the client  about deviations found and possible consequences.

  • Supervising and reviewing periodic closures.

  • Planning, monitoring, controlling and advising on pending balances.

  • Filing of accounting and analytical closures.  Analyses and conclusions.

  • Cost analysis.

  • Keeping of official books and filing   to the Companies Registry.

  • Preparing and filing Annual Accounts to the Companies Registry.

  • Internal Audit: accounting and internal control.

  • Dated and permanent information on all legislative developments related to tax law.

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