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Insolvency Law professionals of UNION LEGAL are highly accredited and widely experienced  and can provide advice to all parties involved in insolvency  proceedings .   Our legal team may represent the rights and interests of our clients in different situations, including restructuring of business groups, debt refinancing, protection of the rights of creditors, advice board members and directors on liability issues,  investments in assets and liabilities from insolvency proceedings and, in  general, advice on  all matters regarding  insolvency proceedings.


UNION LEGAL insolvency law department aims to resolve problems related to companies under insolvency proceedings. Our multidisciplinary professional team  allows us to provide specialized services in labour, tax or administrative law matters when necessary.

​Our law firm has extensive experience in preparing and filing of pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings on behalf of the debtor, and may provide integral advice from the start to the conclusion of the proceedings, including the preparation and defence of the proposed creditors agreement, thereby supervising, where applicable, company liquidation and defending the interests of the client in the proposed arrangement. We also provide legal advice on insolvency proceedings of private individuals.


From the creditor’s perspective, we look after the credits of our clients and carry out all necessary actions in order to recover debts or minimize damage in cases where collection is not possible. We carry out continuous follow-up of the insolvency proceedings, thereby carrying out all actions available under Law so that the proceedings can be resolved in the best interest of the creditor.



  • Financial restructuring, analysis and preparation of feasibility proposals with credit institutions and suppliers.

  • Legal counsel   and advice on pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings of both,  individuals and companies, thereby intervening in the defence of debtors or creditors  in accordance with the interests and position of our clients.

  • Precautionary counsel in the negotiation of contracts and obtaining guarantees. Debt claims, both regarding individual enforcement proceedings and insolvency  proceedings.

  • Reintegration actions.

  • Deferral of tax and social security debts.

  • Director’s Liability. 

  • Defence in litigation and director’s liability actions.

  • Labour relations in situations of business crisis: measures to make labour relations more flexible. Feasibility plans. Collective bargaining in crisis situations. Labour force adjustment plans, termination and suspension of employment contracts. Alternative measures to contractual termination.

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